Tips How To Sell House Fast St Louis

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15 Sep
Tips How To Sell House Fast St Louis

With the demand for houses lower than its supply, many homeowners are opting to sell their homes at a much lower price than the actual market value just to find a buyer fast.

While down-pricing your home may seem like the only choice, taking some factors into consideration can help sell the house at a higher price, and fast.

Prepping the house for sale, hiring a realtor to help with the sale, as well as taking on some home upgrades and retouches can help attract potential buyers your way.

Outlined below are a few tips and tricks on how to sell house fast St Louis

1.Consider some home improvements first

Simple improvements such as adding a fresh lick of paint, fixing or replacing faulty fixtures, and giving the bathroom an upgrade can have a huge impact in how fast the house sells.

This is of particular importance for homes more than five years old, or even less.

As little as it may seem, working on leaky fixtures, adding enough lighting to all rooms, and ensuring the bathroom is fully functional could be the difference between selling the house in days or in months.

2. De-clutter but don't depersonalize

Potential homebuyers will want to envision themselves in the house, which is why you need to create room for that.

Decluttering not only makes the house organized and roomier, but also allows potential buyers visualize what they need in a home.

Ensure cabinets are properly arranged, dustbins are emptied but leave some personal effects such as family portraits and the bedroom theme you so much loved.

Leaving some personal feel in the house creates a mood that can move the buyer into making a deal.

3. Work on the kitchen

Kitchen fixtures, theme, and lighting can make or break a deal. Consider replacing old and rusty fixtures with new updated ones.

If your budget allows it, add a new countertop for improved aesthetics and value as well. You could also reface the kitchen cabinetry, declutter kitchen cabinets, and even take out bulky appliances if any.

4. Price it right

Pricing the house just right is one of the main secrets of selling a home fast. If unsure of your home's real market value, hire a home valuer or have a real estate agent help.

Down-pricing the house is not the solution if you want to sell house fast St Louis. Ensuring everything in the house is updated, and functional is the first step to attracting potential and serious buyers.

5. Market everywhere

The 'For Sale' post in front of the house isn't enough to attract customers your way. Some bit of advertising and promotion will be needed to make this work.

You can ask a realtor to add your house to his/her listings (paid service), use the social media, or both.

The advertisements, however, need have high-quality photos of the house (inside and out) or a walk-around video of the same. This gives buyers an idea of what to expect before viewing.

Home staging is important when selling a house on a deadline. Taking on some home improvements, pricing it just right, working with a real estate agent, and using all possible marketing channels to find buyers is recommended.

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