Want To Sell House St Louis Metro? Starting Point RE Can Help!

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10 Nov
Want To Sell House St Louis Metro? Starting Point RE Can Help!

If you're preparing to sell house St Louis Metro, you may have some concerns. Even though the real estate market currently favors sellers, today's buyers are pickier than ever.

If you have concerns about the selling process, talk to us! The Starting Point RE crew can work to solve all of your real estate problems.

We Buy Homes As-Is

We're willing to consider any home, even properties that need major renovation work. Our offers aren't contingent on the results of a home inspection. We will buy your property as-is.

If you need to sell, but can't afford to make the kind of upgrades that buyers are interested in, you should contact us. Tell us about your home and when we can come see it. We'd be happy to take a look.

We Can Keep Your Lender From Foreclosing On Your Home

If your lender has started the foreclosure process, you shouldn't assume that you're out of options. Starting Point RE has worked with homeowners that are dealing with foreclosure before. We may be able to buy your home before the bank seizes it.

Foreclosure is a legal process, which means your lender has to follow a number of steps. Starting Point RE will step in, make an offer, and see if we can stop the foreclosure from happening. We may be able to keep you from losing your home.

We Can Solve All Kinds Of Real Estate Problems

Are you currently going through a divorce? Are you trying to sell a home that has little-to-no equity? Does your property have structural problems?

If you're tackling a serious issue like this, you shouldn't take on these challenges yourself. Let Starting Point RE guide you through the process.

Our employees have extensive real estate experience. We've handled a wide array of situations. There is a very good chance that we have helped clients that were in the same position that you are in right now.

Reach out to us and let us know what you are dealing with. No matter what the issue is, we'll work to find a resolution that you'll be satisfied with.

We Can Close On Your Home Immediately

The process of buying and selling homes can move very slowly. According to estimates from lenders, the average closing time is a whopping 49 days.

If you don't have that kind of time to spare, selling to Starting Point RE could speed up the process. We'll make an offer to you within 24 hours of seeing your home.When we buy homes, we always offer cash. Because we're paying in cash, your lender will have proof of funds up front. If you sell to us, closing will be over before you know it.

If you know that you want to sell house St Louis Metro, you should get in touch with us. We've worked with many St Louis buyers in the past, and we would love to work with you in the future. Call or email us today and tell us more about your home.

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