We Buy Houses St Louis Homeowners Need to Sell for Cash

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01 Dec
We Buy Houses St Louis Homeowners Need to Sell for Cash

Here at Starting Point RE, we buy houses St Louis homeowners are looking to sell quickly, without high fees, and without stress. If you have recently come into a property and want a quick sale, or you are trying to sell your home fast so that you can relocate, then we can help you.

We have worked with people who are selling their property for myriad reasons - from landlords who have decided that they want to step out of the injury, to those who have fallen on hard times and need to sell to get the bank off their back.

We will consider any property. We buy houses St Louis residents need to sell regardless of the neighbourhood they are in, or the condition of the property. We are a company that holds a portfolio of houses that we then re-sell. This sets us apart from estate agents because we own the properties in our portfolio - we aren't just advertising them and waiting for a buyer to come along.

We view the properties, make an offer, and then if you accept the offer we will put together an agreement for the sale of the house.

We are always looking to add properties to our portfolio, and we can help you to get a great deal on your home.

Even if you need a very fast sale, it is still worth getting in touch with us. We always aim to make an offer within 24 hours, and can typically close within 3-5 days, with no up-front fees.

The offer that we give you will include a detailed explanation of how we arrived at that price, and we will draw up an agreement and make every effort to work to your timescales, even if you need a fast sale.

We know how stressful moving can be, and that selling a property can sometimes be an emotional experience. We want to take as much of the work and stress away as possible.

There's no need to 'fix up' the property before the sale - we are happy to buy houses that need a bit of work.

We'll do the whole transaction discretely and with your privacy in mind. There will be no For Sale signs cropping up in front of the property while you are living there,and we won't be advertising to buyers in the local paper. Our goal is to buy your home - or to help you re-mortgage it if you still want to live there.

We have helped hundreds of people just like you who need to sell their properties for different reasons, and we have a large collection of as-is properties, as well as recently renovated properties, for people to buy.

We are happy to work with homeowners and current or former landlords, to reach mutually beneficial agreements regarding the sale of residential properties. Property is our business, so let us take the stress out of moving for you!

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