Sell Your House Fast for Cash

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05 Jan
Sell Your House Fast for Cash

Do you need to move on short notice, and don't want to deal with a long distance property sale? Are you being threatened with foreclosure or debt collectors, and wanting to wipe the slate clean?

Do you still have a house with a previous partner, and want to sell it and split the cash? There are a lot of reasons why you might want to sell your house fast, and at Starting Point RE we are here to help you.

We have many years of expertise in the housing market, and we know how difficult it can be to complete a sale the traditional way, dealing with estate agents, housing chains, commissions, viewings and up-front fees.

Sell Your House Fast

We can free you from all of that and help you to sell your house fast and for a fair market price.

We will buy houses regardless of their condition. Even if your house needs renovation work, you should still give us a call so that we can assess it and make an offer.

The offer we give you is a cash offer, based on the fair market value of your property as is. If you accept the offer, then you can have that cash in your hand within a matter of days.

We always try to work to the seller's preferred timescale, so if you need cash fast, be sure to give us a call and tell us what date you want the sale completed by.

Discrete, Fast and Fair

Sometimes, people who are being threatened with foreclosure don't want to leave their family home.

If you have some income, but not enough to service a mortgage, then we might be able to help you, especially if you just need to buy some time until you or your partner is able to work again.

We will buy houses from families then rent them back to the family that lives there. The purchase is completed discretely, so your neighbors do not need to know that you are no longer the owner.

You get to clear your debt to the bank and stay in the house paying a flat monthly rent while you save up to make the purchase again.

This means you don't need to pay for a removal van or go through that stress, your kids get to stay in the same school, and you get to keep a comfortable, cosy place that you call home.

When you're back on your feet, you have the option of buying the house back if you wish. Everyone wins.

Why deal with an estate agent and have to pay fees and worry about the uncertainty of a slow sale when Starting Point RE can help you to unlock the equity in your home quickly and smoothly.

Just call us, get an offer, and make your decision - there's no obligation, no stress, and no delays. You could have the cash value of your home in your hands within just one week.

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