We Buy Houses Saint Louis: Here Is Our Process

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06 Apr
We Buy Houses Saint Louis: Here Is Our Process

Whether your house is in need of numerous repairs, whether you are just trying to avoid foreclosure, or your previous real estate agent was not able to close the deal for you, we at Starting Point Real Estate are here to buy your house and close your deal in the shortest time possible.

In most cases, we buy houses Saint Louis for cash, so if you are in need of some quick money, we could be a solution to your woes.

And for us to buy your house, you must show the intention of selling it by either giving us a call or filling our contact form.

Once we have received your request, we shall get back to you so that we can start the process of buying your home.

We Buy Houses Saint Louis: Here Is Our Process

You’re probably wondering, how do we buy houses, Saint Louis? Here is a breakdown of our process.

1. Get in Touch With Us

Once you give us a call, one of our licensed realtors will be at your service, and they will ask you several questions about your home.

The more information you are able to provide to us, the better the offer we shall be willing to make with you.

And even if you know very little about the house because you just inherited it from your godmother, there is no need to worry.

We shall do our best to ensure you receive the best payout possible.

2. We Visit The Property

Once we have had the initial conversation, the next step is visiting the property. This is arguably the most essential stage in the entire process, of course, besides you receiving your payout.

During this visit, one of our agents will look at the house and respond to all questions you might be having. In most cases, we do not need to conduct significant inspections.

All we want is to get the general feel of your house, looking for anything special about your house so that we can make a good offer for it.

And if we find anything wrong with your house or discover that it needs massive repair work, do not panic! We will buy it as is.

3. We Make An Offer

In less than 24 hours after visiting your property, one of the agents at Starting Point Real Estate will get in touch with you to make an offer.

Typically, our offers are usually arrived upon after a careful evaluation of different aspects of your property, like its condition, size, and location.

And while we would like to purchase your house, our agents will never pressure you into relinquishing your house.

The cash offer is yours, so you are obliged to accept it or reject it, but the chances that it will be too good to dismiss.

4. Receive Your Cash

This is definitely the part you’ve waited for so long. If you are pleased with our offer, you just need to accept it, and we shall pay your cash in less than a week.

Unlike other companies that will tie your property until they have found another buyer, we buy houses Saint Louis outright.

You can even have your cash in hand within a few days after accepting our offer.

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