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By Keith Dean September 1, 2020

STL Houses For Sale 

STL Houses For Sale


Want to sell your house in St Louis for a fair amount? Starting Point Real Estate is a well-established home buying company with years of experience and a dedicated team of specialists. This is a company that sets the gold standard when it comes to buying STL houses for sale.

All-Cash Offers

Selling a property in St Louis means having to wade through several lowball offers. Why deal with offers that are going to make you settle for less?

Starting Point Real Estate is appreciated for offering all-cash offers and makes sure to put the offer in as soon as possible. This allows sellers to compare their options and go with the one best suited to their needs. This is the charm of going with a company that has your best interests at heart during the selling process.

Once the offer is accepted and the agreement is signed, the cash gets deposited into your account. It’s that simple! 

All Types of Houses

Whether it is a foreclosed property, brand-new house, or something in-between, Starting Point Real Estate is more than happy to make an offer. It doesn’t matter what condition the property is in, the team is always willing to put in an offer that is going to make you think. 

When it comes to STL houses for sale, it’s always better to go with a team that is going to make a quick and fair offer.

Why deal with open houses and buyers that are only half interested in what you have to sell? Instead, go with a team that is willing to understand your needs, put together a detailed offer, and make sure it is in cash. 

The simplicity of this process is what makes Starting Point Real Estate a great fit for you and your property.

Customized Closings  

Want the closing to be delayed by a bit? Perhaps you want things wrapped up within a week once the offer has been approved on your end?

Both requests are normal and Starting Point Real Estate can work around your schedule from day one. This is one of the biggest advantages of going with a trusted home buying company in St Louis. You are going to be working with a company that customizes closings and takes care of everything on your behalf.

Yes, this includes the documents that are going to be prepared to complete the closing. Starting Point Real Estate has a professional legal team ready to assist with each step and is going to make sure it is in line with local regulations. 

If the goal is to move forward with a specific closing date, the team is ready to work with you to make it happen. 

FREE Property Valuations 

With STL houses for sale, it’s important to get a detailed understanding of how much your property is worth and what an all-cash offer is going to look like. 

Once the call is made, a certified specialist is going to visit the property and take a look in detail. This is going to include assessing what the property should be worth and making sure it is backed by relevant information about the property.

The best part about this is knowing the valuation is going to be free. Simply make the call and a professional will be ready to come over and take a look. Once the valuation is done, you will have a good read on what the property is worth and what a tangible offer looks like for it.  

Starting Point Real Estate is proud to offer an all-encompassing property valuation solution to those who want to have an offer in hand right away. The process is going to be straightforward, legal, and in line with what you are hoping for as a seller in St Louis. 

Trusted Team   

Why go with Starting Point Real Estate when it is time to sell your STL property?

There is nothing better than knowing a team is willing to work with you and isn’t going to make a below-par offer. This is a home buying company that continues to set high standards and focuses on working with clients to ensure the results are perfect. 

Take the time to speak to a specialist from the company and learn more about how the valuation process unfolds. This is a home buying company that is always at the top of its game and prides itself on offering a dedicated solution to all sellers in St Louis.  

To learn more about Starting Point Real Estate, feel free to call in at 314-333-5555 and receive your no-obligation offer. This is the best home buying company for those looking to sell their property in St Louis. With years of experience and a passion to help, this is a team on the lookout for new deals.