House Flip Ideas

Are you looking to sell your home fast and for a profit? Starting Point Real Estate will help you do just that. Many people believe their home loses value over time but that’s not always true. There are several improvements you can make that can increase your home’s worth when it comes time to sell. Though some of the repairs and remodeling may seem costly at first glance, it will enhance your home’s overall value. Here are few project ideas to consider before putting your house on the market. Read More

Rent to Own

I came across a question on a blog site about a person who was looking to purchase a rent to own property in St. Louis. He was inquiring about realities in the area and I would tell him the best place to go if that is the option you are moving strongly toward is Starting Point Real Estate. They have and in-depth and detailed rent to own program. In fact you can get qualified for one of their three different programs including: traditional rent to own, sweat equity rent to own and customizable rent to own. They also break down the lease option, fee option and monthly rental credit. Read More

Short Sale Debate

In some cases in terms of short sale situations, owners could afford their home if they could buy them at a short sale price but that is not allowed. Another thing not allowed is selling their home to a friend or family member with an agreement to rent the house or hope to buy it back from them. Well Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. says that’s not right. Last week she wrote a commentary piece arguing that the Federal Housing Finance Authority should not only allow such inside arrangements but encourage them instead of labeling it as fraud. Read More

Closing Checklist

Often sellers are so worried about the process of selling their home that they don’t tend to focus too much on the final process and checklist once the home is sold and you move out. This is a really good list to run through if you ever find yourself in that situation. I will highlight a very important one and that is attended in the final home inspection walk through. This is equally important for buyers. It is the final chance to check and make sure everything is working from lights to appliances to heating and cooling. It does not hurt to get that piece of mind and know and record that nothing was wrong the final time you left. Read More

27 Real Estate Investors for Beginners

Real Estate can seem like an easy venture into investing your money, after all if you are able to keep the tenants happy they in return will be happy to pay the rent you ask and of course on time. The fact is it’s not at all easy and is worth a good amount of money to invest and a lot of patients and time to have that money work for you and grow a profit. Read More

Selling a Home Fast

Something that doesn’t cross someone’s mind until it actually happens is all part of life’s little unexpected, unplanned adventures. Sometimes the unexpected can sell your home fast be fun but when dealing with unexpected financial situations it can be down right scary. Read More