Selling to a Real Estate Investor Buyer in St Louis

Selling to a Real Estate Investor Buyer We hear it all the time… “I want to sell my house fast in St. Louis.” Well, maybe it’s your first time selling a home... Maybe you’re selling as a pro who’s been through this game a time or two. In this article, we’ll cover a few major benefits of going a little outside of the box by using a St. Louis real estate investor or investment company to sell your house in St. Louis fast. Read More

Easy Ways to Make Your St. Louis Investment Property Stand Out

Easy Ways to Make Your St. Louis Investment Property Stand Out We all know that rehabbing investment properties in St. Louis can be a wonderful business, but in order for it to become a truly long term business model, your homes must stand out in a competitive market. Real estate investors these days are looking at many homes before they make the decision to buy. Finding homes for sale has never been easier and home buyers want to see everything that's out there before they make their decision. Developing a strategy to make your homes memorable to potential home buyers is essential for long term growth of your business. Read More

The Freedom of Real Estate Investment as a Career

Want to earn more, while having more time for family, hobbies and other pastimes? Real Estate can offer a freedom like very few other industries can. Investing in real estate can put you on the path to becoming a millionaire. Considering that, as of 2012, 86 percent of millionaires were self-made, and of those, real estate created the largest number of them, deciding to give real estate a go could be the best decision you’ve ever made. Read More

The Investor Mindset

As a real estate investor it is imperative that you possess the correct mindset, actions, and skill set to become successful in the real estate industry. This manual will explore key ways to help you achieve success through building your business. I believe you, the real estate investor, can determine your own success and create wealth. Mindset is the key within the real estate industry, especially since you are in fact working for yourself. Focus on what you can do as opposed to what can’t be done. The real estate business is one that requires focus and commitment coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit. In order to be a successful investor one needs to have a deep knowledge of real estate and always be up to date on the current market conditions. Read More

Why Invest Your Time and Money in Real Estate?

There are three basic necessities that everyone needs in life: food/water, clothing and shelter. Just as every person needs to eat, every person needs a place to lay their head at night. Everyone needs housing and always will. That’s why real estate is a huge market no matter where you are. Most Americans will experience buying and selling a house at least once in their lifetime, as a real estate investor you will experience buying and selling properties at a much more rapid pace. Read More

The Difference Between a Millionaire Investor and Average Investor

The difference between a ‘normal real estate entrepreneur’ and a ‘millionaire real estate investor’ is that a real estate entrepreneur tries to build their assets and look towards the future. While a millionaire real estate investor has built wealth through buying when real estate values are down, cash flowing then leveraging or selling when the values hit a high mark. Think it – See it – Believe it (or TSB)! Read More