Example of Rent to Own

The advantage to the tenant/buyer is the ability to begin building equity in the home during the lease period, usually at a faster rate than a standard mortgage. It is important to note that if the option to purchase the home is not exercised that the credit is lost. Read More

Selling A Rent To Own Home

It’s tough for buyers to find financing and hard for sellers to find buyers. A solution that can work well for both is renting with an option to buy. You’ve just bought the home of your dreams, signed the contract and packed the moving van — you’re all set, right? Not if you haven’t sold your current home first. So you put it on the market and you wait. And wait. And wait. In many cities where it makes more financial sense to rent than own, buyers may simply not be interested. In others, buyers do come along, but they don’t have enough money saved for a down payment or their credit isn’t good enough. How will you ever sell this house? Read More

Lease to Own or Option to Buy?

Rent to own home or lease option to buy is the perfect solution if you are facing one of the following situations. No credit history New Job Self Employed Commission Income Blemished Credit Own more than one home Down Payments too high Read More

Definition of Lease to Own or Option to Buy

Today the real estate market is uneasy with hesitant buyers and desperate sellers provides alternatives to the traditional methods of selling real estate. The rent to own option is the perfect alternative that is gaining popularity with buyers and sellers alike to own the home of your dreams. Read More