By startingpoint May 13, 2013

Renters are becoming more popular than homeowners in a recent study done by the MacArthur Foundation. How Housing Matters: American’s Attitudes americaTransformed by the Housing Crisis and Changing Lifestylesreports that 57% of adults don’t find owning a home as appealing anymore while 54% said renting has become more appealing. Owning a home is still considered part of the American dream but it seems the majority if finding that to be difficult in the current housing climate.

Renting has become popular for many reasons today. Getting turned down for a loan, not qualifying for a traditional mortgage or other financial situations that consume your life to the point you think there may never be hope of buying your own home. But there is hope out there with Starting Point Real Estate’s Rent 2 Own Programs.

They have three different programs to choose from and allow you the best option to finding your path to your very own home. SPRE is here to help make owning a home possible and help fulfill the American dream you still have.