By startingpoint December 5, 2016

When my great uncle passed away, he left me a home that had been in our family for years. This home needed lots of work and it was smaller than the home I was in now.

I didn’t have the time to put into working on it and I didn’t want to live there. I wanted to sell it, but in the condition it was in, it would be hard to find someone to buy it, even if the price was right.

I started looking around to see how I could get rid of it. I found an ad that said “We buy houses fast“. I thought that maybe going through one of these companies would be the best way to get the most money out of it.

I clicked on the ad to go to the website. I started looking around to learn more about it. The website was informative and said that they can have the process done in just one day. I started looking around to see if I could find reviews about these companies before I called them. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a scam.

I searched the Internet for “we buy houses fast” to see what people had to say about all these companies. Many people said this is the way to sell a home and I learned a good bit about it. I also learned that when it comes to a home like the one that I’m selling, this is the best option

I got the phone numbers for a few different places to see what they could tell me. I called them and let them know the information about the home and they said they could send someone over that day to look at it and tell me what they will offer for it. I decided to set up appointments with both of these companies to see what each one offered me. One of them offered me more than the other one, so I told them that I would sell it to them.

I gathered up all the information they required in order to buy my home. They said that they could do it in as quickly as one day, however I didn’t need to rush to get them the information. I was able to easily obtain the deed to the house and other information they needed. I gave them the paperwork and they got everything in order. They bought my home the same day and I got the money then and there.

I was happy to have the extra money from selling the home and I am glad I was able to sell it like this. It took the hassle out of having it fixed up and listed with a realtor. It was the best way for me to sell this home in the condition it was in. This company made it easy and the process was simple.