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By Keith Dean August 25, 2020

Sell My House Fast St.Louis

Sell My House Fast St.Louis – Benefits of Using Home-buyer Services

For a very long time, the process of selling a house has been complicated, long, and full of uncertainty. This is partly because of the traditional method of selling one that involves listing it and waiting for potential clients to express their interest in buying one. Such processes have no set timelines, as we have seen homes that have been listed for months or even years without being sold.

But do you have to stick with the downsides of these traditional home selling processes? Is there an option for me if I am looking to sell my house fast St.Louis?

Here at Starting Point Real Estate, we offer you an opportunity to get money for your house fast. We are not a real estate agency in disguise, but genuine home buyers who are ready to give you cash for your house quickly. We conduct our business in a way that creates a win-win situation and addresses all the downsides of the traditional methods. Here are some of the advantages of selling to us;

  1.   Simplified Process

We can offer you all the advantages due to our process. It is effortless and can appear to be too good to be true. It all starts when you decide to sell your house and contact us. You can do this by calling us or filling out a simple form on our website. We are quick to act, and we will immediately get back to you to set up a meeting. We are flexible and will work with your schedule when setting up this so that we cannot inconvenience you.

Once we set the meeting, our real estate valuation professionals will come and check out the condition of your property. We need to do this physical assessment to help us put the right price tag on the house. From here, we will give you a cash offer based on our evaluation, and it all depends on you if you are going to accept it or not. You are not obliged to accept it, but most of our clients take them looking at how simple we make things for you and the handsome price tags we put on houses. We will move forward and close the transfer within a week, and we will contact you to come and pick the whole amount agreed on. How about that!

  1.   We Buy on As-Is Basis

Most of the blogs that advise you on tips to sell my house Fast St.Louis will tell you to renovate it and improve the curb appeal. These projects are costly, and if you are cash strapped, you might not manage to do them. On the other hand, we have seen renovated homes that still lie on the listings for months without being sold.

We offer you the best way out of this situation by giving you a chance to sell your house as it is. Is your home run-down? Do you have an abandoned house that you want to get out of your books? Do you want to cash in your inherited house that you do not need? Contact us today, and we will be happy to write you an offer regardless of the condition of your home.

  1.   We Don’t Charge A Single Cent

One of the main downsides of using a real estate agent to sell your house is that they get away with a considerable percentage of the amount you get as their commission. This is not good, especially if you needed the money to buy a new house or sort out a financial emergency. If I want to sell my house fast St.Louis, and get the entire amount, I would look at a homebuyer.

Here we will give you the full amount indicated on the offer. We cater for all the closing costs and will do all the work, while you sit pretty and wait for your money.

  1.   We Are Fast

We understand that you might be in a situation that requires you to get money fast for your house. It could be a foreclosure that requires a quick resolution. Or a financial emergency that requires a tremendous amount of money.

Regardless of your reason for selling, we guarantee to get your house sold within a very short time. It all depends on how you respond to our queries as we have closed deals in less than a week. If you have a financial obligation and need money from the home sale, be rest assured that we will move quickly and ensure that you meet it.

Some of the advantages of using our homebuyer services have been mentioned above. We are here to help clients break away from the traditional processes and give them a stress-free way of getting money for their houses fast. Home selling should no longer be a lengthy process, and we are here to ascertain that.