By startingpoint February 25, 2016

Selling to a Real Estate Investor Buyer

We hear it all the time… “I want to sell my house fast in St. Louis.” Well, maybe it’s your first time selling a home… Maybe you’re selling as a pro who’s been through this game a time or two. In this article, we’ll cover a few major benefits of going a little outside of the box by using a St. Louis real estate investor or investment company to sell your house in St. Louis fast.

First we’ll discuss the advantage of having a wider selection of payment options. Many investors who advertise that they will buy your house cash do have the ability to buy without the need for a mortgage. Being that they most likely want a quick closing though, an assortment of payment choices are still available for the investor such as pre-anticipated cash payments, certified funds, cash, or even loan assumption. Aside from various forms of payment, other extras are available for the seller who procures a sale from an investor including title clearing, trash outs, home cleaning, and minimal out-of-pocket expenses for the seller. But the main goal if you are looking for a quick closing, is to find a buyer who claims to buy houses in St. Louis with cash to ensure a speedy consummation of the sale.

Included in most selling transactions are inspections which often lead to lengthy repair negotiations. The majority of the “we buy houses fast” investor transactions are as-is sales. In other words, if an investor wants to buy and sell quickly… they will make the offer as “clean” as possible using the “as-is” clause to make it more attractive for the seller.

And last but not least, how about closing fast? Do you want to avoid lengthy transaction processes which can still end in a deal that falls apart in the end? With investor buyers, the seller can sell the house for cash resulting in a quick sale. This ensures the seller’s goal, which is getting the home sold quickly and moving on with their lives. Depending on the seller’s motivation, using an investor to sell a home can be an effective way to to get what they want in the time frame they desire.

There’s another side of the time factor that is often overlooked. Time is critical when you must make a quick decision because you have another home being built or even a job transfer. But what about other life events like divorce or separation… or a job loss… or maybe even an estate sale where the buyer has inherited the debt? In each scenario, the property has become a larger job than the owner can handle. Sometimes problems are handed to homeowners unexpectedly and need resolution quickly. In such case, waiting for market averages does not provide the homeowner with the solution they need. A professional buyer like us can create a quick sale which is why we buy houses in St. Louis everyday… It’s what we do.

Choosing to sell your home through a professional St Louis home buyer can eliminate the time factor. After all, we want the deal to close smoothly and as quickly as the homeowner does. In fact, you can sell your St. Louis home fast… in as little as 5 to 7 days in some cases.