By startingpoint October 24, 2013

Tis the season…to sell your home?

There are some who believe the holidays cause enough stress and drama that the idea of putting their home on the market would be enough to send them over the edge. However some recent articles have given many reasons to not only sell, but also buy a home.

An article from mentions the fact that only truly dedicated buyers or sellers will be out during the holidays. Thus, they are more likely to buy or sell a home.

Another article on lists several reasons why someone should buy a home during the holidays. One reason from the list would be the cheaper prices on homes during the winter season. “…you’ll be able to negotiate a favorable price for a home you want to purchase.”

Finally, an article from talks about what to expect when buying a home during the holidays. “With rates near record lows, you might be able to afford more house now than you would be able to in the spring when rates are expected to edge up.”

Yes, the market is highly unsaturated in the winter months. However, it is not impossible to buy or sell a home during the holidays. On both sides of the coin, it may take a lot of patience and perseverance. When it pays off, both buyers and sellers will be more than happy to be in a new location to ring in the New Year.