By startingpoint May 20, 2016

In this day and age, it’s not easy to sell a house.

Below are a few tips that will help you sell your house fast in St Louis.

1. Pricing strategies

Pricing a house correctly is no joke. You’ll have to look for houses for sale in your area that is similar to yours. Pricing your house correctly is much easier if you can get an agent to help you out. A strategy you could use is to underprice your house. A mob of buyers will flock to it, and you might even have a bidding war on your hands!

2. Brighten your house

There should be as much light as possible in your house. Clean your windows on both sides. Install more artificial lighting. Replace your current bulbs and get higher rated ones. Reduce shrubbery in your garden so more light can come through. A bright house looks cheery, spacious, and altogether better than a gloomy one.

3. Hide the pets

If you think a cute cat will win over buyers, you’re wrong. Not everyone likes pets, so hide them away. Also, pets have a way of dirtying up a place. No buyer wants to walk into a house to find it smelling like wet dog! Moreover, if your buyer has an allergy to your pet, he’ll walk straight out the door.

4. Don’t overreach

Making small upgrades before selling your house will pay off. Huge makeovers, on the other hand, will not. Go for minor upgrades that won’t cost you much. Repaint your walls. Upgrade your heater. Get new kitchen appliances. Buy new curtains. Get new door handles.

5. Upgrade the kitchen

A lot of home buyers’ first priority is the kitchen. If it’s dated, you may end up losing thousands of dollars! The easiest way to upgrade is to repaint and get new appliances. If you can’t get new appliances, at least ensure that your existing ones are squeaky clean. You could also decide to reface your existing appliances. Stainless steel covers aren’t costly or hard to find.

6. Be prepared

When your house is for sale, a potential home buyer could walk into the house at any time. Ensure that your house is ready for show at all times. Keep everything clean and neat. If you’ve decluttered, don’t clutter the house again. Clean your house as often as you can and keep it smelling fresh. It’s going to take some effort, but it’ll be worth it.

7. Make a good first impression

It doesn’t matter if your house looks like a castle from the inside. If it looks bad from the street, most buyers will just drive on. Repaint your house’s exterior. Mow your lawn. Get some bright flowers to add some splashes of color. If you can afford it, add a tree or two. Any house will look amazing with two trees framing the entryway.

8. House buying companies in St Louis

House buying companies are the simplest way to sell your house fast in St Louis. Our company operates throughout the year and we buy houses ‘as is’. You may not get the highest possible amount for your house, but you won’t have to expend the time or effort of staging or looking for buyers.