By startingpoint June 4, 2013

It seems like a loaded question and it can be but it can also be pretty simplistic. Instead of getting really sophisticated about it here are some simple tips.

  • Integrity-ethical could also be used. Not only say what you mean but stand by your words through actions.
  • Personable-able to communicate well and effectively. Also listen to what the client wants or needs. Know the right answers to give at the right time and be clear and precise so there isn’t something that can lead to a misunderstanding down the road.
  • On- going training programs-keep your agents properly trained. Always present challenges and expectations that are expected and they have prepared for. Also keep up to date on the latest technology and codes, policies and procedures.
  • And finally be knowledgeable licensed and respected in the community. That should go without saying but I will say it.

These are all important qualities and skills and if you talk with an agent at Starting Point Real Estate I know you see all these characteristics and more. Trust me they have been performing those tasks for 15 years in the St. Louis and St. Charles region.